Totalfeed B.V. is a Dutch company which has been accumulating expertise on the production of feeds and semi-finished feed ingredients for many years. We can offer you not only ingredients like for instance different types of dairy products or animal proteins you can use in your feeding programs but also standard blends of milk products, premixes and concentrates. Even tailor made blends according to your request on composition or analysis or combination of these 2 are no problem for us.

Naturally, we also place high demands on our quality policy. An example of this is our GMP+FC certification. Recognised by the Animal Feed Product Board, this certificate provides a guarantee that our quality system corresponds with the latest local and European legislation.

All products of Totalfeed products are exported all over the world and in a lot of countries we meet conclusively the demands with respect to feeding methods, feed formulations and local available ingredients.

The word TOTAL in Totalfeed stands for a lot of aspects which are very important for us when doing business like:

  • TOTAL for all feeds, from calves to piglets to poultry or ……
  • TOTAL commitment: our aim is to do all for our clients
  • TOTAL responsibility: we do all we can on order that our clients do not get problems
  • TOTAL reliability: our word means as much to us as a signed and stamped document
  • TOTAL trust: we trust our clients and they can trust us.

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