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Totalfeed B.V.

Quite some time we have put no news on our site but let’s be honest, we all had some very bad years with African Swine Fever almost all over Asia, with Covid-19 all over the world making travelling and visiting clients difficult. Now we suffer from the war in Ukraine making transport and ingredients like wheat very expensive, which again also has it’s effect on soy and other ingredients. Also discussions and measures against CO2 will make live of farmers certainly not easier.

New products also enter the market, you can buy now for instance an acidified liquid calf milk replacer with even a warranty period of 12 months but is this really an advantage ? When you consider that this product consists for over 90 % of water it might be clear that when you buy such product in Asia or China you are paying a lot of transport costs for …… water. When we suppose that transport costs Europe – Asia are Eur 50/mt you pay these Eur 50 for 1 mt of liquid product and if you would buy dry product you can make with 1 mt powder at transport costs of Eur 50/mt appr 10 mt liquid calf milk replacer so savings is 90 %, and this only on transport! Next to this local water will be much cheaper as water price in Europe. Also claims like “made from fresh milk etc”. have in fact no value because until now even all baby foods are made of powdered milk ingredients.  When in a good Calf Milk Replacer ( CMR ) good ingredients like skimmed milk powder, whey protein concentrate are used this CMR will certainly not be inferior to but will even be equal to a liquid version. This dry CMR has less transport costs and also less CO2 load, so you have less costs and do something for the environment which is positive for your company image. Contact us for our range of CMR’s!

Other new product is Feedlock (, a product that fills a gap in the current biosecurity practices used on farm and feed mill. This feed mitigator has proven to mitigate viral contamination of the feed, and this way stop viruses from infecting farms via the feed. The most known other viral vectors are manure, humans, vermin, and even the air. Feedlock works but it is not cheap and not every farmer can afford to buy this product. We have developed now a product we call TOTALCARE which contains per mt final feed exact the inclusion rate of Feedlock but also the required amount of lactose, this of course when inclusion rate advise is followed. TOTALCARE contains a mixture of unique Medium Chain Fatty Acid (MCFA) with direct antiviral activity that can be used to reduce the viral contamination of feed and feed raw materials. TOTALCARE has the potential to mitigate the feed  in case of viral infections and successfully prevent the infection of animals via this pathway, so prevent viral diseases like ASF, PED and PRRS. It might be clear that pest control, manure management, and strict entrance policies also have to be installed.

What can we do for you!

The strength of Totalfeed B.V. is that we are able to produce next to our standard milk replacers and fish meal substitutes also tailor made products so products according to your own composition and/or specifications. Milk replacers with high fat as energy source, with more or less lactose, with sweeteners or sugars added for higher feed intake are no problem to produce for us. Also flavors have no secrets to us so when you want your milk replacer with vanilla, butter, milk, apple or any other flavor or even a mix of flavors please let us know so and we can do it.

We can also produce fish meal replacers with amino acids like lysine, methionine etc. as per your request or without certain ingredients if not permitted.

Totalfeed B.V. stands not only for a wide range of feed ingredients but also for total service like quick information about shipping and quick documents.

Brief history of Totalfeed B.V.

Totalfeed B.V. was founded in 1991 by Peemex Holding B.V. as export company for feedingstuffs
worldwide. Totalfeed B.V. belonged to the group of companies in which were among others are:

  • Peemex International B.V. ( sales office )
  • BHA Belgium SA ( factory with 2 spray drying towers for milk products and blending facilities for food and feed )
  • NV Zuivelfabriek Lambrechts ( factory )
  • Peemex Polska sp.z.o.o. ( sales office )
  • Peemex Hong Kong Ltd. ( sales office )

In 2002 the company MAER B.V., until then 50 % share holder of Totalfeed B.V., bought from Peemex also the remaining 50 % shares and became single share holder. Totalfeed B.V. has since expanded their activities not only to other countries but also diversified their product range.

Products and specs

Totalfeed B.V. produces several standard products for animals but we can also produce tailor made products. Please inform us about desired analysis and/or composition and we are sure that we can produce this for you at a competitive price.

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Most premixes are tailor made, please contact us or give us your specifications.

Contact Us

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6130 AA Sittard
The Netherlands


+31 (0)46 475 80 80


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