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Brief history

Brief history of Totalfeed B.V.

Totalfeed B.V. was founded in 1991 by Peemex Holding B.V. as export company for feedingstuffs
worldwide. Totalfeed B.V. belonged to the group of companies in which were among others are:

  • Peemex International B.V. ( sales office )
  • BHA Belgium SA ( factory with 2 spray drying towers for milk products and blending facilities for food and feed )
  • NV Zuivelfabriek Lambrechts ( factory )
  • Peemex Polska sp.z.o.o. ( sales office )
  • Peemex Hong Kong Ltd. ( sales office )

In 2002 the company MAER B.V., until then 50 % share holder of Totalfeed B.V., bought from Peemex also the remaining 50 % shares and became single share holder. Totalfeed B.V. has since expanded their activities not only to other countries but also diversified their product range.

The activities of Totalfeed B.V. are very wide and compromise among others:


  • skimmed milk powder replacers for feed
  • milk replacers for calves, lambs and goats
  • 100 % powdered fat concentrates
  • fishmeal substitutes ( animal protein based but also 100 % vegetable based )
  • high protein concentrates
  • concentrates for layers, broilers, parent stock and turkeys
  • premixes for layers, broilers, parent stock and turkeys
  • premixes for dairy cattle and other ruminants
  • premixes for piglets, pigs and sows
  • vitamin concentrates
  • trade in meat & bone meal, meat meals, blood meals, haemoglobin powder and hydrolized feather meal
  • soymeal and soy concentrates


  • skimmed milk powder
  • full cream milk powder
  • fatfilled milk products 26 %
  • Full cream milk powder substitutes like IM 26
  • Skimmed milk powder substitutes
  • Ice cream preparations
  • Bakery and confectionary products like cold mix cream, vla etc.
  • 80 % fat concentrates for ice cream, bakery, confectionary, chocolate industry
  • non dairy creamers
  • cappucino foamers


The products of Totalfeed B.V. are exported world-wide to countries such as Czech Republic,  Croatia, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines and of course to countries belonging to the EC.


Totalfeed B.V. has a quality system, for the production process of the products which are intended for the animal feed sector, in accordance with the requirements as per appendices 1 and 3 of the GMP+ :2006 certification scheme for the feed sector of the Product Board Animal Feed in The Hague, The Netherlands and this for feed materials, compound feed and premixes.
The GMP + FS Scheme certificate, renewed 15 May 2023 and valid until 01 June 2026 has number KC230517. The GMP+ registration number of Totalfeed B.V. is GMP048056. This means that Totalfeed B.V. as GMP+ accredited company is allowed to produce as per EC regulations only and to buy ingredients and  trade products from also only GMP accredited companies only. Due to strict control on this, the regular inspections of certified surveyors, the monitoring by Health Authorities in the factory and strict control on incoming ingredients and outgoing products all clients can be assured of a very good controlled and stable quality.


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